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No Bun Needed Bacon Cheese Burger

Part of my new journey and change in eating habits is to minimize the amount of carbs we eat on a daily basis. Instead of eating bread for breakfast and having a sandwich for lunch then pasta for dinner, we have fruit smoothies or oats for breakfast. Lunch may be a variety of homemade soups that are quick and easy to make. Dinner is the usual chicken or fish with beef or pork thrown in a couple of times a month to break up the monotony of eating chicken. We also changed from eating white rice to mainly eating brown rice. Brown rice can be bland but I kick up the taste with teriyaki sauce and scallions.

Okay, back to my No Bun Needed Bacon Cheese Burger. Since we are doing our best to eliminate carbs as much as possible I tossed the bun on our turkey cheese burgers ad put the burgers on a bed of mixed greens then topped them off with a fried egg. If you are like my hubby, you will enjoy a soft fried egg so that when you dig into it the yolk runs over the burger and makes the meal even more delicious.

Who needs bread when you can create a delicious No Bun Needed Burger!

No Bun Needed Bacon Cheese Burger


1 lb ground turkey meat

6 slices of bacon cooked, cut in half

4 eggs (fried to your liking)

4 slices pepper jack cheese

2 plum tomatoes sliced

1 pkg mixed greens

½ small onion diced

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black ground pepper

½ tsp onion powder

Saute onions in 1 tbsp olive oil over medium high heat until softened. Set aside.

Place ground turkey in a large bowl. Add onions, Worcestershire sauce and seasonings. Mix together well then form 4 turkey patties.

Add remaining olive oil to the same pan used to saute the onions and turn heat to medium high. Cook turkey patties for 2-3 minutes on each side until burgers are nicely browned and cooked all the way through. Remove from the heat and top each with a slice of pepper jack cheese. Cover the burgers then fry the eggs to your liking.

Place mixed greens into four bowls. Place a turkey burger in the middle of each bed of greens then top it with a fried egg. Add bacon and tomatoes around the bowl and dress the greens with your favorite salad dressing. I recommend Gazebo Room Greek Salad Dressing and Marinade. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic dressing.


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Mommys’ Pork Chop Sandwich

Yimg_5509_1Yes, I am over the age of 30 and I still call my mother “Mommy”. What can I say? I never made the transition from Mommy to mom and I could not see myself calling her mother. Mother seems much too formal to me but I don’t knock anyone that calls their mother – mother. Actually, a couple of my aunts called my maternal grandmother “Mother”. The rest of us called her Ma Dear. However, mother seemed to fit coming from my aunties.


Okay, I digressed. Mommy’s Pork Chop Sandwich jumped into my head the other day when I was trying to come up with something for dinner other than chicken or beef. We had already had both during the week along with fish so I had to make a decision on which one would get a second turn for the week. Truth be told I love pork chops. The problem was that my hubby is not big on pork unless it’s bacon. So tentatively, I decided to make pork chop sandwiches like my mom did back in the day.  I wasn’t sure he would go for it. To my surprise, when hubby asked what were we having for dinner and I said Mommy’s Pork Chop Sandwich he only said what time do we eat. Now, I am not sure if he was just really hungry or was in the mood for pork. Either way, I was happy.


Mommy’s Pork Chop Sandwich is fairly straightforward. Two slices of bread. Mustard. Hot sauce and on occasion a little mayo. This basic combination of flavors tastes wonderful – at least to me.


As for my hubby, he jazzed up his pork chop sandwich by adding lettuce, tomato and the cole slaw I made to go with the sandwiches. After thinking about my hubby’s creation, I realized the sandwich he made was similar to another sandwich I make which has chicken instead of pork chops. Great minds think alike.



Mommy’s Pork Chop Sandwich


2 – 3 pork chops

2 – 3 cibatta rolls sliced

1 medium tomato sliced (optional)

1 cup vegetable oil

1 cup flour

½ cup shredded lettuce (optional)

½ cup cole slaw (optional)

1 tsp mustard


seasoned salt

black pepper

hot sauce

Adobo seasoning

smoked paprika

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium high heat.

Place flour in a shallow dish and season with a little Adobo seasoning, seasoned salt and pepper.

Season pork chops with salt, pepper and Adobe seasoning. Sprinkle with smoked paprika. Dredge seasoned pork chops in flour. Shake off excess flour. Gently place chops in hot oil. Fry until golden brown and cooked all the way through. Approximately 5 minutes on each side. Drain on paper towels.

Spread mustard on one side of each sliced roll. Place one pork chop on each roll. Shake hot sauce over pork chop (you decide the level of spiciness). Top pork chop with the other slice of bread.

Optional: Add sliced tomato, lettuce and cole slaw.

Eat Up!


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Hot Italian Sandwich


A good sandwich always starts with delicious bread. Some of the best bread comes from the bakery at your local grocer. I often find myself searching for different types of rolls for sandwiches when I want to make a tasty but quick family meal.


The other day I found two different flat rolls that inspired me to try a new sandwich. An Italian roll and a jalapeno roll. The Italian roll was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and oregano while the jalapeno roll was sprinkled with a little grated Parmesan cheese with slices of jalapeno peppers baked into the top of the bread. Both rolls smelled heavenly at the bakery and were so inviting that I had no choice but to put a couple of each in my basket. The Italian roll inspired me to create a Hot Italian Sandwich which turned out to me a winner in the family. I have made this sandwich a few times since my first try and it continues to be something the family enjoys. The sandwich is packed with soppressata, capicola ham and pepperoni sliced from the deli.


Sandwiches are my go to meal whenever we are having a later than usual dinner because my son has a sporting event, school event or I have a bunch of errands after work. By the time we get home I don’t feel like preparing a complicated meal but I still want a balanced dinner. I really just want to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes so that we all still have time to relax before going to bed to prepare for another busy day.



Hot Italian Sandwich

2 – 3 flat bread rolls (jalapeno, Parmesan or regular) sliced in half
6 – 9 slices deli pepperoni
6 – 9 slices deli soppressata
6 – 9 slices deli capicola
1 large tomato sliced thin
4 – 6 slices provolone cheese
4 – 6 slices pepper jack cheese
2 tbsp pesto
¼ tsp red pepper flakes
¼ tsp oregano
1 tbsp Italian dressing
1 cup of shredded lettuce

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Mix Italian dressing with lettuce and set aside.

Spread pesto on bottom half of each roll. Place two slices of pepper jack cheese on the bottom half of each roll. Place on a cookie sheet.

On a separate cookie sheet pile 2 slices of capicola, 2 slices soppressata, 3 slices tomatoes sprinkled with oregano and red pepper flakes. Top tomatoes with pepperoni then 2 slices provolone cheese.

Place meats and bread in the oven until cheese melts approximately 2 – 3 minutes. Remove from oven and top bottom half of each roll with meat and lettuce. Place other half of roll on top of the lettuce and cut in half. Serve with chips or a cup of soup.

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Black Forest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Every kid at least once during their childhood has eaten a grilled cheese sandwich. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Cheddar cheese was usually the center piece of the sandwich and was complemented by tomato soup.


Remember dipping your sandwich into the soup and letting it soak in the all that tomato goodness? I loved grilled cheese sandwiches back then and I still love them today. Only now I make big kid grilled cheese sandwiches.


Cheese, of course, remains the center piece of my big kid grilled cheese sandwiches. But, this version uses 3 types of cheese to create the gooey goodness inside. Swiss, Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese (for the extra kick) combine to make a nice creamy tangy sandwich. To top it off I added black forest ham. Now that is a big kid grilled cheese sandwich!


Since I decided to make a big kid grilled cheese sandwich I decided to also make a grown up soup to go with it. Leek and potato soup.  A thick and creamy soup to go with a wonderful creamy sandwich. You can check out the recipe for the Leek and Potato Soup at dmariedining.com.

Black Forest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

¼ lb black forest ham sliced thin
¼ lb Swiss cheese
¼ lb pepper jack cheese
¼ lb Monterey Jack cheese
4 tbsp soft butter
1 French loaf of bread
cooking spray

Spray a griddle with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.

Spread a generous amount of butter on one side of a slice of bread. Place butter side down on the griddle. Layer bread with 3 cheeses and 2 slices of ham. Spread another slice of bread with butter and place over ham with the butter side up. Brown bread then flip to brown the other side. Repeat with other slices of bread. Serve with chips or your favorite soup.

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Deli London Broil 2 for 1

deli london broil 13_1

Recently I was trying to think of something quick to make that would not involve chicken. Don’t get me wrong. I love chicken but every now and then my family wants to eat meat without feathers or scales. Red meat is not really part of our diet but a nice piece of beef once in a while is welcomed.

deli london broil 10_1

I had no idea of what to make when I got to the grocery store. I was wondering around the deli department when I saw a beautiful piece of London broil on sale. Sandwiches first came to mind but then I thought I could saute the meat and place it on top of portobella mushrooms for a little more flair. By the time I finished wondering up and down the groceries aisles I had come up with a new recipe that could be served in two different ways using the same ingredients.

deli london broil 7_1

portobella mushrooms_1

To top off my new creation I decided to make a simple yogurt dressing. I wasn’t sure how to make yogurt dressing so I just added ingredients I thought would blend naturally with yogurt. I used plain Greek yogurt because it is thick, holds up well and absorbs other flavors nicely when you mix them with the yogurt.

london broil sandwich 6_1

deli london broil 3_1

Deli London Broil 2 for 1


1 ½ lb deli sliced London broil

1 green onion sliced

1 jar beef au jus

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp olive oil

½ medium jar roasted red peppers in oil

4 portobello mushrooms

6 small club rolls sliced in half

This recipe can be served as a sandwich or on top of the portobello mushrooms.

General Recipe:

Place olive oil in a large fry pan with butter over medium heat to melt butter. Add roasted red peppers, green onion and garlic. Stir and cook for 2 minutes. Add beef au jus and seasonings then bring to a low boil. Reduce heat to medium low and add London broil to the pan. Gently coat meat with sauce mixture. Remove from heat.

For Sandwiches:

Thinly slice portobello mushrooms. Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a medium frying pan. Add mushrooms, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

Warm club rolls then layer with London broil, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and yogurt dressing.

Portobella tops:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Remove stems from portobella mushrooms and wipe clean with a damp paper towel. Brush with olive oil and place on a rimmed cookie sheet. Season with salt and pepper.  Bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from oven and layer with London broil, roasted red peppers and yogurt dressing.