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When my daughter asked me if I had written my “About Me” page I was a little surprised. Not because she asked but because I did not think I would need to say anything about who I am. I was thinking only about the recipes I wanted to share with others. Then I realized my recipes are me and they tell the story of who I am. I am hot and spicy. I am sweet and sassy. I am bubbly and quiet all at the same time. Well, maybe not all in one dish.

My name is Donna and I like to create healthy, quick and easy dishes for my family and friends. My roots are southern which means I like grits and collard greens. But I am also a northeastern girl who enjoys Lox and Bagels early on Sunday mornings. In one word I am “Eclectic”. I am a combination of this and so I try pulling together a little of this and a little of that to create recipes I think will be both pleasing to the eye and tasty on the lips. Sometimes I fail in my attempts but most times I hit the mark. If I don’t, my husband and youngest son will let me know (in a nice way).

I have faith this journey will help me grow in many ways and have little doubt that it will challenge me. Hopefully, those of you who take the journey with me will find healthy new recipes to add to your cooking repertoire.

Faith and Doubt

Doubt sees the obstacles,

Faith sees the way

Doubt sees the blackest night,

Faith sees the day

Doubt dreads to take a step,

Faith soars on high

Doubt questions, “who believes”,

Faith answers “I”

                                                                                                                    D. Marie

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