Mom’s Fried Chicken


My mother makes the best crispy fried chicken I have ever eaten. Unlike most people she doesn’t just dip her chicken in flour. Instead, she taught me how to prepare the chicken by making a batter to coat the chicken which makes it nice and crispy.


It took me a few years to perfect my fried chicken but I knew I had hit my mark when at a family picnic my mom told me my fried chicken tasted as good as hers. That was one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive. My mom is known for her cooking. Besides cooking being her profession my mom just loves to cook. I cannot remember ever having a bad meal growing up unless you count the occasional frozen TV dinners.


Since I started cooking on my own I have not resorted to fixing a frozen TV dinner for myself or my family. But my son will let me know if a meal does not quite measure up. Thankfully, he loves my fried chicken and says it’s as good as Mom Mom’s.


Mom’s Fried Chicken

4-6 drumsticks
1 pkg chicken wings or wingettes
2 cups vegetable oil
½ cup flour
½ cup water
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp Adobo seasoning
1 tsp seasoned salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp onion powder
4 – 6 dashes hot sauce

Heat oil to 360 degrees (should be very hot slightly smoking) in a dutch oven.

In a large bowl add chicken, seasonings and hot sauce. Mix to coat chicken. Sprinkle flour over chicken. Gradually add ½ of the water and mix the chicken. Add more water as needed until a thin paste is formed on the chicken.

Slowly add chicken a 5- 6 pieces a time. Do not over crowd the pot. Turn the chicken after 8 – 10 minutes and cook thoroughly. Drain on paper towels

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