Layered Bean Dip


I have been in a Tex-Mex mood ever since my son said I needed some “diverse” recipes. My latest recipe is Layered Bean Dip. I tested this one on some Super Bowl fans to see how well it would go over at a party. Just in case it sat in the dish untouched I made a traditional dip as a backup. Well, the Layered Bean Dip went like hot cakes. By the time the Super Bowl was over there was only one small scoop of Layered Bean Dip left. My hubby ate that with his lunch the next day.


I have to give credit to one of our good neighbors across the street for giving me the idea of making a Layered Bean Dip. She brought it over to a picnic a while ago and I never forgot how delicious if tasted. I just had to figure out how to create my own version. As with any recipe, all you need to do to make it your own is play with the ingredients. Experiment with the seasonings and see which flavors compliment each other.


Layered Bean Dip can quickly become one of your signature dishes for parties or any time you want to treat yourself, family or friends.


Layered Bean Dip

1 16 oz can refried beans
1 16 oz jar salsa ( Serrano)
1 14 oz can black beans drained
1 small can black olives drained
8 oz sour cream
4 oz cream cheese
1 packet taco seasoning
1 cup shredded taco or Mexican cheese
1 cup shredded lettuce
2 green onions sliced
½ cup fresh salsa
¼ cup pickled jalapeno peppers
½ tsp cumin
1 deep dish pie plate

Combine refried beans, taco seasoning and cumin. Spread refried beans evenly in the bottom of pie dish. Blend together sour cream and cream cheese until smooth. Spread over refried beans. Layer regular salsa, black beans, green onion, pickled jalapeno peppers, fresh salsa, lettuce, and cheese. Sprinkle with black olives. Chill for 1 hour or overnight.

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